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Victoria Realtors, being one of the premier real estate developers in Palakkad, has now taken the initiative to share quality information in the form of tips, travel blogs and latest trends to the masses. Our collection of best real estate blogs is a must read for all prospective home buyers and home owners to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the ever expanding real estate domain.


Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Cooking is an art! And serving your cooked food is fun! Today, let's look at a few options to spice-up the look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen renovation costs you very less unless you're planning to change the entire set up or basic chimney set ups. So let's get started with some really cool kitchen renovation ideas!

Attractive glasses for your storage cupboards:

The storage cupboards that you use to store creaks, pulses and other groceries can have really cool glasswares which will make your kitchen appear all the more attractive! The newest trend being the tile effect glasses that looks like a collection of varied broken tiles. It's bright and colourful and it'll add full of life to your kitchen!

Using bar chairs:

If you've observed chairs in the bar especially the ones near the bar counter, you'll know that they rotate a full 360 degrees. If you have a slab for storing your food, you can shift them to another space and use this little space as a dining table. Here, you can use the tall rotatable bar chairs to make it appealing! Use bright coloured chairs for best effects and choose a colour that’s in contrast with your kitchen walls.

Copper utensils:

Copper is the new trend these days. A bunch of copper-ware including copper plates, copper mugs, copper glasses and copper plates will make your kitchen look retro! Even if you don't plan on consuming food using these plates, you can choose to hang them from the ceiling and voila! You've got a cool retro look to your old kitchen!

Use that extra space on the shelf to create a fruit rack:

Yes! What could be more enticing than a rack which is made exclusively to store in fresh fruits and vegetables? These fruit and vegetable rack come in different shapes, usually found in the shape of a fruit itself! A bright fruit rack of apple with wooden shelves in between to store your fruits! Isn't that totally amazing?

Using large see-through glasses:

There are many variants of glass cupboards in which you can store spices like cinnamon, cloves, black pepper etc in glass jars. They come in various forms and shapes as well. This is totally cool and can be considered as one of the best small kitchen renovation ideas!

These were some simple kitchen renovation ideas to bring a new look and feel to your kitchen! Pick some of your favorite ones and spice-up the look and feel of your kitchen.


Houses for sale in Palakkad From Victoria Realtors

What makes Victoria Realtors different from other real estate developers in the city is the fact that the group specializes in developing homes that are a perfect mix of luxury and affordability. The group, unlike many other real estate developers, also understands the need of the common man and has developed an array of projects at budget friendly rates without compromising on the comfort and convenience that one can only expect from more expensive offerings. European safety protocol standards and Vasthu compliance further add to the core philosophy that the brand follows.

House For Sale In Palakkad From Victoria Realtors:

Nellies Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Nellies Villas

This landmark project from Victoria Realtors is one of the largest gated community villa housing infrastructure projects in Kerala today. Located at Vandithavalam, the Nellies villa offers a host of modern day amenities and is set amidst a serene and pollution free environment. Prospective buyers looking for a house can choose from 2 and 3 BHK units ranging between 900 sq.ft to 1300 sq.ft that are for sale in Palakkad. What makes the Nellies Villa project even more unique is the price at which each house is being offered. Starting from just 15 Lakhs, your dream of owning a villa is all set to become a reality. The Nellies project has transformed the real estate sector in Palakkad and refined the affordable housing concept. With the Nellies housing project, Victoria Realtors have achieved something remarkable – giving prospective buyers a chance to own a house for sale in Palakkad at truly affordable rates.

Shobhanam Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Sobhanam Villas

Located at Kozhinjampara and set amidst a vast expanse of natural greenery, the Sobhanam Villa project is currently in its final stages of completion. This project is apt for those looking for an independent house for sale in Palakkad with a larger footprint when compared to the Green Valley project. Each house for sale in Palakkad, as part of the Sobhanam villa project is priced aggressively and buyers can choose from 2 and 3 BHK variants ranging between 1200 sq.ft and 1500 sq.ft. Starting from just 20 lakhs, the Sobhanam Villas offer a host of modern-day amenities to make your living experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. The contemporary design language of the abodes further adds to the charm of owning this affordable yet signature address in Palakkad.

Thrikkarthikka Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Thrikkarthika Garden Villas

Inspired by the renowned Thrikkarthika festival and comprising of just 35 deluxe villas, the Thrikkarthika Garden Villa project is yet another offering from Victoria Realtors. Located at Kodumbu and just off Yakkara Road, this premium residential gated-community project has independent houses for sale starting from just 20 lakhs. Built to resonate a lifestyle of elegance and comfort, the overall design approach includes a ceremonial pathway leading to a veranda and finally into the carefully crafted interior spaces. This project is a fine reflection of the architectural prowess of the team at Victoria Realtors as it captures the true essence of the city’s cultural and traditional heritage in a built form. A great location, state-of-the art amenities and affordable pricing are just a few of the key highlights of this project.

Saidhaan Aristos Apartments - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Saidhaan Aristos

New age design with attention to detail forms the foundation of the Saidhaan Aristos – Budget friendly apartments in Palakkad. Located in the secure neighbourhood of Kallepully, these apartments for sale in Palakkad have the stamp of one of the most reputed builders in South India, Victoria Realtors. Each house for sale in Palakkad offers excellent cross-ventilation, natural lighting, premium finishes and fittings along with a host of modern-day amenities. Starting from just 24.5 lakhs, the Saidhaan Aristos is one of the most sought-after apartment projects in the city. One of the other unique features of this project is the location. By choosing to own this house in Palakkad, you and your family will be able to enjoy and experience fine living in one of the best and well facilitated stretches in the city.

Pavithram Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Pavithram Villas

At the Pavithram Villa project, you’ll discover a world of luxury and comfort on a budget. From spacious living rooms to kitchen and bedroom, the Pavithram Villas are infused with lavish avant-garde features. Located at Marutharode, these villas are an amalgamation of only a few private homes that are up for sale in Palakkad. Prospective buyers can experience a great ambience surrounded by natural freshness and serenity on a daily basis. The location is another highlight of this newly-launched project from Victoria Realtors. Each low-cost house for sale in Palakkad provides easy and convenient access to all necessary institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals and more. With a starting price of just 25 lakhs, prospective buyers can choose from 2 and 3BHK units ranging between 1100 sq.ft and 1300 sq.ft.

Chaithanya Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Chaithanya Villas

Starting from just 30 lakhs and ranging between 1500 sq.ft and 2000 sq.ft, each independent house in Palakkad at the Chaithanya villa project is aimed at giving residents an affordable experience of luxury living. The project is conveniently located in Kallekad and incorporates a contemporary design language with niche interiors for maximum comfort. Like all other projects from Victoria Realtors, the concept of vasthu shastra is strictly adhered to. It ensures that residents experience a life of happiness and tranquillity at the Chaithanya. The true essence of modern urban living with unparalleled access to a host of world-class amenities awaits you.

All the above projects mentioned in this list are mainly aimed at giving the common man the finest choices when it comes to owning their dream home. Now, let’s look at a few premium independent house for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors.

Pournami Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Pournami Villas

A serene and tranquil world awaits you at the Pournami Villa project from Victoria Realtors. Situated in the secure and posh neighbourhood of Chandranagar, the newly-launched Pournami Villa projects offers an expansive living ambience infused with a host of world-class amenities. The interior spaces are flush with the most modern fittings and materials. A delightful combination of vast open spaces and walkways further adds to the charm of living at the Pournami villa housing infrastructure project. A dedicated water supply system in the form of 5 open wells ensures that residents have access to plenty of fresh water all-round the year. If you are in search of a premium house for sale in Palakkad, then opting for a villa at the Pournami is your best option. Starting from 40 lakhs, prospective buyers can choose from unit sizes ranging between 1500 sq.ft and 2500 sq.ft.

Greens Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Greens Villa Project

With just 11 villas for sale, the Greens from Victoria Realtors is an upscale living destination for prospective buyers looking for a house in Ottapalam. Priced at 45 lakhs, the ultra-premium villas are infused with a host of world-class amenities and features with an overall living expanse of 2025 sq.ft. The Greens offer a lavish lifestyle with an exemplary combination of extravagant space and tasteful design. Nestled in the heart of Ottapalam town, the Greens provides its residents with a true feel of luxury and privacy. The project is festooned with an array of amenities that goes beyond one’s imagination. Some of the other standard features and facilities include 24 hr security, an open-source water supply system, parking slot for two premium cars and more.

Discovery Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Discovery Villas

One of the most recent additions to the expanding portfolio of projects from Victoria Realtors is the Discovery – A unique range of ultra-luxury villas in Palakkad. Each house in Palakkad at the Discovery is tailored for the discerning few and comprises of villas with an overall footprint 2500 sq.ft, priced at 65 lakhs. To own this fabulous architectural masterpiece is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The majestic exterior and the use of the finest quality materials and interior fixtures provides the residents with an experience fit for the royalty. Each villa is a signature address in itself and is ideal for the homeowner looking for the perfect home in the most prestigious location in Palakkad, Chandranagar. We invite you onboard to experience the pure joy of unparalleled luxury and uncompromised convenience.

Now, let’s look at a few benefits of buying a house in Palakkad:

  • Economy

As is the case with any other state in Kerala, the economy of Palakkad is transforming. A recent survey has shown that the city has progressed from the age-old traditions based on caste and land to the one that is based on employment, trade, education, commerce and industry. This transformation has given impetus to prospective buyers looking for a house in Palakkad. There are many industries, both large and medium scale, which operate across various parts of the city. This has given rise to a rapid influx of workers from various parts of the state and has directly resulted in the construction of more villas and apartments in Palakkad.

  • Transport Facilities
Being one of the most important cities in Kerala, Palakkad has an excellent transport network comprising of two railway stations, namely Palakkad Town railway station and Palakkad Junction railway station along with an excellent road transport system. One has easy access to other important and neighbouring cities and also to neighbouring states. 

  • Education

With a literacy rate of 88.49%, Palakkad is one of the forerunners in terms of providing quality education, along with the fact that the city houses a host of renowned schools and colleges. This criterion is one of the most important when it comes to buying a house in Palakkad. Prospective buyers can guarantee an excellent quality of education for their children. Further to the overall scale at which the education system operates, the DIET in Anakkara takes consistent measures for uplifting the quality of education and teaching on a regular basis.

  • Tourist attractions
Palakkad is a city that has a strong relationship with nature. Owning a house in Palakkad is sure to give you and your family a fine experience of exploring some of the best tourist spots in South India. Now, who wouldn’t love to own a house in Palakkad amidst an array of exciting and culture-rich tourist destinations right? Some of the more prominent places to visit in Palakkad include the Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha Garden Dam, Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nelliyampathi, Dhoni, Kanjirapuzha Dam and Kottayi among many others. 

  • Affordability

Palakkad, as a city, is developing on a grand scale. Many real estate companies are investing heavily in projects to cater to the housing needs of the people in the city. If you’re looking at buying a house in Palakkad or an opportunity to expand your investment portfolio, then the right time to look at options would be now. The rates are still on the lower side when compared to other important cities like Cochin and Trivandrum. Owning a property in Palakkad is sure to get you a great appreciation value in just a few years’ time.

Feel free to reach us for more information regarding our projects. Avail exclusive benefits and personalized home loans. Make the right choice. Invest with Victoria Realtors and realize your dream of owning a home today.


Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We all love those bedrooms that are shown in movies with a perfect look and comfort that a person needs. "Well.. they are movies, and they've got a team of people who'd help them design these, so forget planning for it." We hear these lines very often, don't we? But wait! Really? Is it so hard to design your bedroom in a beautiful manner? The answer is NO. Not at all! With a little knowledge of bedroom decorating ideas, you can create or rather, re-create the look of your bedroom in a way you'll fall in love with it! Just a little bit of your time and a little bit of creativity is all it needs. Here are some secrets for bedroom decorating ideas that you must try and I'm sure you'll not regret it. So here we go!

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

The basics first!

The colour of your bedspread must be in contrast with the colour of your walls. Don't buy a bedspread whose colour is exactly like that of your wall; this makes your room look dull and dingy. If you manage to find a bedspread that goes with your favourite theme, then it's best for you! With that level of personalization, you'll totally love your room!

Using great DIY ideas to decorate your bedroom isn't hard at all:

There are plenty of easy bedroom decorating DIY ideas which you can look up and try. But one thing you need to take note of is to not go in contrast with your theme. Like suppose, your theme is a western comic show, so then, don't go for DIY ideas in Indian style or vice versa. Too many different themes will make it all look very messy and confusing. Using beautiful woollen weaved wall hangings is also a great idea. If you know knitting, you must really try some DIY ideas and decorate your bedroom in your own favourite way!

Using bedroom decoration images:

You'll find many bedroom decoration images or posters that you can stick to your wall. Select a design that best suits you and pick your favourite one. A lot of people use images of nature or cars to decorate their bedroom. You can also hang your own photo frames in your bedroom. After all, you are the biggest fan of yourself right? So why not give that a try? You may also opt for some bizarre paintings with vague and abstract interpretations. It's a great way to keep you thinking too.

Stars and planets:

If you're a lover of the night sky, you must really try using some glowing stickers of stars and planets on the roof of your bedroom. It flows and shines in the night giving you a delightful night sky experience! This one's also apt for small bedrooms as it creates an illusion of sky which makes you feel that your room is very large! You can also stick them on your side walls.

These were some simple bedroom decorating ideas. In order to master bedroom decorating ideas, you must just let your creativity flow! If you're good at painting, time to grab those painting brushes and give your own "strokes" to your bedroom with bright colours! Just be creative and put in little efforts and you'll create a beautiful bedroom that you'll totally fall in love with!

If you are looking to buy a house in Palakkad then view Victoria Realtors Offerings in Palakkad :

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Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Gone are those days when homes were built for its most basic purpose - living! The generations have rolled and today homes are not just cover for living, but they reflect the tastes and styles of the people who live in them! Many people spend a fortune to create that perfect look for their home by hiring the best interior designers and purchasing expensive materials. But who says that a perfect look can only be achieved by best designer and expensive things? It's all about the creativity and a little bit of thinking! So if you're looking for some best interior design ideas without costing a fortune, then you're in luck.

Interior design ideas for living room:

If you're a lover of antiques, you must definitely buy them and make sure that you don't keep them at a shady corner where no one can see them. Try keeping these antiques right in the center of your living room. When there's good sunlight, the shine on these antiques will surely make it worth the effort. Using weaved handicrafts is also a great idea to decorate your living room. You can find many weaved wall hangings! Choose the shades that go with you’re the overall color scheme of your house.

Usage of mirrors in the living room is a trend these days! Using large mirrors in your living room can make your space look appealing and charming! So yeah...time to buy those large wall mirrors to give your wall a perfect look!

Interior Design Ideas for bedroom:

A bedroom is a place where you relax, and you don't need to make it "appear" beautiful to others. It should be totally customized according to your own tastes and preferences. Die heart fan of a superhero or a movie star or a TV show or a movie? Why don't you get that poster painted on your wall? Yes, I'm not kidding. There are some really talented artists who'd be willing to do that for you. Time to give it a try! Also, lighter shades of curtains for your bedroom windows.

If you're a person who loves to read a lot, then check out some really cool furniture for keeping your books! The designs currently available in the market are so perky. Get them; it'll add a touch of elegance to your room for sure! Using bean bags is yet another way to decorating your bedroom. And if you're a fan of DIY crafts, there are plenty of wall hangings and rooftop hangings that you could work on based on your requirements. It’ll make your room even more classy and lovable! Time to get those pair of scissors and get creative!

Interior Design Ideas for small house:

So what if you've got a small house? You can still make your home look very beautiful. The best interior design idea for a small house is to use short-sized furniture ( short sized chairs and tables) in the living room. This makes the living room of your small house look big in size. Using long curtains is yet another amazing idea. Use creative themes for your curtains or just keep it simple and classy by choosing cotton silk material in silver, bronze or even ones with shades of gold. Oh! You'll love gazing at your curtains then! Usage of large mirrors is also a very good idea to make your small house look big and beautiful! This tip holds good for interior design ideas for small flats as well.

If you’re looking to redesign your space with elements in sync with Indian tradition, then investing in antique furniture would be a good idea. You may also opt for antique-looking flower pots and place it at various points in the room along with decorative paintings and wall hangings. Usage of silk material pillow covers for Diwan and Sofa with patterns reflecting Indian tradition is also a great option.

So, these were some interior design ideas which are simple yet elegant, and at the same time easy on your pocket. Try them out today!


What To Look For In Your First Home

Owning a home is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. However, the present market conditions have made it a tad bit challenging to own a home. Rising prices and interest rates have put off many prospective buyers looking to invest in their first home. But there is a workaround here. You just have to be realistic in your quest to own a property. What many fail to understand or realise is that owning a dream home doesn’t necessarily mean spending over and above your limits. A dream home is not a place with the best in class features; a dream home is a place where your family is happy. In this blog, let’s look at a few aspects that would help your quest to own your first home.

What To Look For In Your First Home: Important Factors To Consider


How much can you afford? Once you start your journey with a set budget in mind, the whole process becomes a lot easier. More often than not, the price of a property doesn’t match with your expectations of your dream home. This is where certain compromises will have to be made. There is no point buying a luxury home if it’s going to put you and your family in financial turmoil. The key here is to look for the perfect balance. If your budget does not get you a villa, then it’s totally fine to invest in an apartment. Don’t keep putting off your plans of owning a new home. The rates are never going to subside.


Where you live is often more important than what you live in. Looking for an apartment or villa in a safe and secure neighbourhood makes all the difference to the quality of life. Not just your quality of life, but also when you decide to sell the property, you can rest assured to get the best possible deal. There is a common misconception that buying the worst property in a top-notch neighbourhood can get you the best deal. Your house is not just a place where you live, but an investment that should get you great returns when you decide to sell it. Also, there is a good chance that the property in question will have a lot of maintenance work to be dealt with, taking your expenses even further.

Once you have shortlisted a few neighbourhoods, to ensure that you take time out to look at all the facilities available in the vicinity. What is it like on the weekends? Do you and your family have everything that you’ll need close by? Make a list of pros and cons and then proceed with the neighbourhood that suits you the best.


While schools and healthcare facilities form part of an ideal neighbourhood, I’ve decided to mention these separately to emphasise their importance. Schools and healthcare facilities feature on the top when it comes to prospective homebuyers looking for their first home. Simply put, it’s part of our daily lives, or they will be one day or the other. If you have (or plan to have) children, wouldn’t it be best for them and your family as a whole to have a proper schooling facility in the neighbourhood. Same is the case when it comes to healthcare facilities. If you have old parents living with you, wouldn’t it give you a lot of peace of mind to know that a top functioning healthcare facility is in the vicinity to deal with an emergency? Make it a point to ensure that these two facilities feature on top of your priorities when it comes to the locations you’re looking at. Trust me; it would do you a world of good.


Don’t we all love to live in a property set amidst a sprawling compound with spacious rooms and top quality amenities? To be honest, we really don’t. If you have the money to invest then go for it by all means. But if you are on a budget, you’ll have to settle for more realistic options. Do you need a cosy apartment or a villa? How many bedrooms do you want? Every bedroom or bathroom adds to the overall cost of the house. Look at options that suit your exact needs. An extra bedroom for the guest that will never arrive is not worth your time or money. If a 2BHK apartment would suit your family, then stick to the plan and go for it. If it’s a must to have a 3bhk apartment, do accordingly. Understand your priorities and invest accordingly.

The challenge for any individual who is searching for their first home is to think which type of homeowner they would like to be. It’ll be in your best interest to look at options based on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the realistic necessities that cannot be compromised in order to find an abode that is ‘close’ your dream.

If you are looking to buy your first home in South India then check out Victoria Realtors offering at Palakkad :

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Benefits Of Buying A Ready To Occupy Apartment

A house is a place that people call home. The term ‘home’ signifies warmth and comfort. Many construction companies are building apartments to cater to the new working class. As the number of companies that venture in this sector has risen at a stark rate, there is a huge pool of choices for the customers to choose from. Apartments can be classified into two broad categories:

1. Finished Apartments

2. Unfinished Apartments

Finished Apartments are the ones that have the interior done. All the wooden work (almirah and kitchen work) is done. The owner of the flat just has to take possession of the flat and move in. The company would also provide the owner with few basic amenities. There are many benefits of buying a ready to occupy apartment. Unfinished Apartments are those which lack the finishing. Such apartments are highly customizable. So the owner can get, for example, the wooden work done according to his taste and budget.

People often buy flats for two purposes:

1. Investment- Buying an apartment and later selling it.

2. Move in- To live in the apartment for a prolonged period.

A ready to move in apartment has its own advantages. There are various reasons to invest in a ready to occupy home. One can straight away rent the apartment. The new tenant would pay the rent, which would be higher compared to an unfinished flat. Also, as the flat is loaded with basic amenities, it increases the USP (unique selling point) of the apartment. If a person buys the apartment by taking a loan from the bank, then the rent of the apartment would itself pay the EMI of the bank. Also, the rates of properties rise rapidly in metropolitan cities. So the cost of the apartment would increase over time. Hence, if needed, the apartment can be sold off after some time for a higher rate. This is one of the best options if you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio.

For those who want to buy the apartment for their own personal use, ready to move apartments is a bliss. The owner can straightaway buy the apartment and move in. As basic amenities are already installed, it is quite convenient for the owner to move in. The process takes less time as the owner would only have to add a few other extra items. Also, ready to move apartments have the amenities installed by the company, so the owner can be sure that the flat is top notch and the amenities are of decent quality. These were few of the benefits of buying a ready to occupy apartment. If you are in the market for a new home, then enquire with Victoria Realtors today. The group offers a range of projects at various locations and is renowned for designing and developing homes that are affordable and infused with a host of modern-day amenities.

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Things To Avoid When Buying A House

There are many brands that have come up in the recent years which deal with construction and real estate development. As there are many competitors, it is vital that you as an owner make the right decision while buying a house. There are many mistakes first-time home buyers make. This article focuses on things to avoid when buying a house. Let's take a look.

Not Reading The Agreement Carefully:

It is one of the fundamental mistakes that first-time homeowners make. People often don’t read the contract carefully. The contract has many loopholes, which should be made clear by the seller. Hidden details include the power (electrical) given to the flat, maintenance costs etc. As these details are not known initially to the owner, there is a chance that it may cause problems later on.

Paying Money Before Moving-In:

Paying the entire money before moving in is one of the most common home buying mistakes. One should seldom pay the entire money upfront. Only do so if you know the contractor or seller personally. Often people can be fraudulent, and the money would be lost. The best practice is to pay a little ‘token’ money upfront. This establishes a trust between the buyer and seller.

Moving Into A Less Populated Locality:

Moving into a less populated area is one of the things to avoid when buying a home. It is not advisable to live in a less populated area. As the area would look deserted, chances of robbery and theft are quite high. Also, one likes to know their neighbours. Living in a less populated area would mean lesser or no neighbours. Also, as the area would be less developed, services are bound to be expensive in that area. For example, the person delivering your groceries would charge you extra.

Buying a Raw Home When You Prefer A Finished One:

Buying a raw flat is not always a good idea. Although a raw flat is highly customizable, one should opt to look for finished or ready to move in flats. Such flats are usually equipped with basic amenities. And as such amenities are installed by the construction company, any repair would be done by them. However, if you prefer to buy a raw flat, make sure that all the work (finishing) is done before you move in. As doing any work after you move in will mean a lot of hassle and will make you uncomfortable in your own home.

Only Buy If You Intend To Stay:

Only buy a house if you intend to stay in it for at least 10-15 years. If you have a job that sees frequent transfers, then buy a home for investment purpose. You’ll get a good return on your investment when you eventually decide to settle down and will be able to reinvest the same to buy a home that suits your needs.

These were some of the more common home buying mistakes that one must be cautious of and at the same time avoid before investing their hard earned money. Make sure that you are fully satisfied with your choice of a home before committing.

If you are looking to buy your first home in South India then check out Victoria Realtors offering at Palakkad :

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How to decorate your home on a budget

Every one of us wants our home to look beautiful and a total knockout. However, some people think of home decor as a thing for only houses with large spaces and big backyards. But that’s not always the case. Even if you have limited space, you can decorate your house like any other. Next, comes the budget. Oops! Don’t worry. Even with a limited budget, you can do wonders when it comes to decorating your space. Follow the low-cost home-decor tips given below, and you'll see the magic enrol.

First things first: Get Organised

The best option to begin your quest is by getting organised. Build a simple shelf, or a nightstand with the wooden waste logs lying in your storage and organise your clutter. A free space will automatically bring up freshness to the room.

A cool headboard

We have some very nice and cheap decorating ideas for the bedroom. Headboards always look good. You can build one for yourself with the help of cardboard or wooden planks and decorate it with any low-cost beads and shimmers to suit your room.

Make use of unused furniture

Have some good furniture stuff lying around in storage? Bring it out and put your creativity in the driver seat. For example, if you have two waste mattresses, cover them up with a clean sheet and have them placed in your living room. Pair them up with normal cushions and fluffy backs to form a sitting space which can be doubled a sleeping space too. This is a great and cheap decorating idea for living room.

Divide large spaces

A big room can be divided into two parts. You can decorate a house with a minimum budget by placing a cheap and easy shelf in between the room. You can fill it up with some home-made artwork or books. This will add a good look to the large space instantly.

Illuminate the spaces

Did you know that you can easily decorate your home with waste materials? Build up some great lights using the unused papers and charts in your home. Use some spray paints on them to create a lamp shade. This will add a good look and an enhanced lighting set-up to your space.

Decorate the ceiling

This is a great tip for home décor. Step up and paint the ceiling of your rooms with designs that resonates with your lifestyle. For example, you can make stars out of colourful hard paper and hang them from the ceiling for a beautiful effect. This is what you call how to decorate home without spending too much money.

So, these were some of the cheap decorating ideas for your home. You can easily come up with your own home decor ideas and blend them with some creativity to make your space a beautiful place to live.

If you are looking to buy a home on a budget and decorate it, you can visit top builders in Palakkad's Offerings here:

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Features of an Ideal Home

Almost every one of us has dreamt of owning the perfect house. We see ourselves living in it at some point or the other. The qualities of a good home are the ones that depict everything it needs to have for you to experience an ideal lifestyle that is fuss-free and pleasant. Your perfect home must have all the important things that are necessary for you. But what is an ideal house? Here are the best features of an ideal home which will help zero-in on the most suitable option for you and your family.

Top Features Of An Ideal Home:


This is the most important aspect of a home. If budget is not an issue, then you must invest in a home at the best location in the city. It would be ideal if the same is in close proximity to your work place and other essential services. The location should also be in a neighbourhood that is safe and secure.

Details regarding the structure of the house:

The overall fabric of the house is one of the most important features to look for. You need to ensure that the design and layout suit your lifestyle. Check whether the options you’ve shortlisted have the perfect living atmosphere tailored to your needs. If not, keep looking.

Basic features:

Basic features like windows, doors, beams, and the overall infrastructure in itself is important. Ensure that the house has a layout and design language that is in sync with your needs. Check if the house has a proper ventilation system in the form of outlets and also it has strategically placed skylights. You should never settle for a house that skimps on the fundamental features.

Basic house Amenities:

Your ideal house needs to have all the basic amenities nearby that you might like to enjoy. For example, once in a while, you would like to pay a visit a gym or a pool. An ideal house should have in its proximity a few recreational places to make the overall living experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Size of rooms:

Space does matter when it comes you owning your dream house. For many, it’s a one-time investment. Look for a house that would serve you and your family for a very long time. You do not want to end up with a house that is short on space. Even if you have to stretch your budget a bit, it would be ideal to look for a home that suits your requirements for a very long time.

Good water and electricity supply:

Basic necessities like water and electricity are vital. Your home needs to have a 24*7 backed up water and electricity supply. Yes, there may be shortages. But, it’s up to you to ensure that the back-up required is minimal. Or in other words, the location of an ideal house should not be at a place that experiences a lot of power cuts and water shortages.

Outdoor spaces:

One of the most appealing qualities of an ideal home is having a dedicated outdoor space. It could be a big balcony that is furnished with basic chairs and tables. Or it can be a beautiful backyard with pretty flowers to enjoy quality family time. It could even be an open terrace. While many might think of this feature as a luxury they can’t afford, it would be best to invest in one that has a bit of outdoor space.

These were some of the key features one should look for when searching for their first home. All the aspects mentioned in the list may not be of importance to you. But, if you are looking for your first home, then ensure that you find a home that has at least a few of the above mentioned features to ensure a lifestyle that is convenient and hassle-free.

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Tips for Furnishing your First Home

Moving into your first home is always a moment of great joy and happiness. Almost every homeowner thinks long and hard when it comes to furnishing and decorating their new home. This blog, titled “Tips For Furnishing Your First Home’ is aimed at first time home buyers who are looking to furnish their new home. How to furnish a house from scratch? There are so many things that need to be taken care of, and most important aspect is the budget. Owning your first home itself requires an enormous investment. So, be extra careful when it comes to managing your budget. Check out the 'tips for furnishing your first home' given below to know what all to take care of.

Try to keep it simple:

All you need is a good start. Try to opt for more neutral elements. A combination of black and white colour patterns for the furniture would be classy as well as elegant in looks. You can go for timber tones and other neutral shades. Opt for inexpensive floor rugs and small cushions which would never go out of style.

Important things first:

Don’t end up buying everything at once. First, go for only the important stuff. Then, give it some time and thought to figure out what other items you would like to purchase. You need to plan wisely so as not to miss out on important things. Make a list with all the items that are absolutely necessary. Prioritize them according to their necessity and shop accordingly.

Well-defined bedroom:

Your bedroom needs to be well furnished to make your house look great overall. Think about investing in a good quality bed and nightstands to give your bedroom the look and feel it deserves.


Having a great paint job is one of the most affordable and impactful ways of transforming your home. Make sure that you decide on a pattern that reflects your lifestyle and attitude. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard with this. Be sensible; it’s you home – a place that you would be coming back to every single day.

Examine the rooms:

You need to take this seriously. Analyse and know the dimensions of your rooms and only then invest in heavy furniture. You don’t want to bring home a piece of furniture that doesn’t even fit in your space. To avoid wastage of time and money, analyse the dimensions first.

Take it slow:

Consider furnishing your first home as a massive assignment. What happens when you receive a big assignment or task at work? You look at it and prepare a schedule to get all the work done. Same is the case with furnishing your first home. Keep the list you have prepared handy. Buy things that are important first. You don’t have to purchase everything at once. It’s always a time-consuming endeavour when it comes to furnishing your first home. So relax, and take it slow.

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These were some valuable tips for furnishing your first home. Hope you found this blog helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers

As exciting as it sounds, hunting for a house is an equally hectic task. You would never want to end up in a house that lacks the important things you need. God forbid if you later have to deal with some serious issues that would make you regret your decision in the first place. Whether its manual or online house hunting, the rules go by all the same.

Relax. All you need is a basic house hunting checklist, that would let you look at all the important things at once so that you can land on your dream house.

House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers:

  • Analyse your budget

A very important and a basic start point. You need to carefully examine your budget. Look for all the possible aspects. Talk to the experts, search online and try to look for the best houses that lie under your budget. Even if you have to apply for a loan, be wise and prudent about it after consulting with various other factors.

  • Perfect Location

Let’s admit it, no one wants to experience long commutes from their home to work. We are already falling short of time by each passing day. While hunting for a house, make sure you choose a perfect location that suits all your needs.

  • What kind of home?

This will totally be your call. If you are single, a two-bedroom apartment/villa might be good enough for you. If you are a family with 2 kids, you might need a 3-bedroom apartment/villa, or maybe 4. The trick here is to decide how much will be sufficient. You don’t want to exceed your budget by owning an apartment/villa that is too big than what you’ll ever need.

  • Plumbing Systems and Wiring

While inspecting the house, check for all the plumbing systems. See if any of them have a leakage problem or blockage of any kind. No one would want to experience such petty issues after they move in. It is better to be thorough with these beforehand. You might also want to run a quick check on all the wiring systems. See for every switch and plug board, working correctly or not. When satisfied with everything, only then make your decision to move in the respective house.

  • Proper Ventilation

The atmosphere inside a house can get suffocating if there is no proper ventilation. While house hunting, look for the kind of ventilation system installed. A good exhaust fan at every other corner, a nicely installed chimney might be some things you’d require. Also, see that your house has a nice balcony or an inlet of natural light, to give a refreshing feel to your home.

  • A Backyard or the Terrace

Once in a while, you’ll need a place where you can relax, recreate yourself, maybe workout a bit in the open. Having a backyard in your house or even a good open terrace should be part of your house hunting checklist.

  • Good storage systems

While hunting a house, it will be very wise to check for intelligent storage systems. A block beneath the stairs or a storage area under the sofa which makes for a good space saving storage area.

  • Good Neighbourhood

To be able to reside for long at a location, you need a good neighbourhood by your side. While hunting for a house, run a quick check or survey through the neighbours. Try to know them. What they do and whether they are all good and employed people. This will help you adjust easily to the environment.

These are some very cool tips for house hunting you can follow to chase the perfect house of your dreams.

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Land Buying Checklist

A handy land buying checklist can save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble in your quest for owning a plot, be it for resale or to construct your own home. In India, land prices are increasing on a daily basis, and for many owning a piece of land is the ultimate dream. In this blog titled ‘Land Buying Checklist,’ we will be focusing on a few points that will make your journey towards owning a piece of land easier and hassle-free.

Check Whether The Land Is Owned By the Seller:

One must be extremely careful when it comes to buying a piece of land. There are many property agents in the market who thrive on conducting false business deals. A quick Google search on this area will have you perplexed with the number of people who have fallen victims to these rackets. The first thing you must ensure before buying a piece of land, and the most important part of this ‘land buying checklist,’ is to figure out if the seller actually owns the piece of land. Ask for all the relevant details regarding the plot and if he/she has procured the legal rights to own the piece of land. If you have any doubt regarding this, then there should be no hesitance in getting legal help.

Verify The Floor Space Index Of Your Plot:

In India, many purchase plots to build their dream home. If you are among one of them, then make sure that you understand the concept of FSI (Floor Space Index). By definition, Floor Space Index is the amount of permissible area on a piece of land that could be used for construction. Even if you manage to get your hands on a vast piece of land, the FSI regulations for that particular region would determine the footprint of the structure that could be put up.

Non-Agricultural Order (NA):

There is a good chance that you had no clue about what I am going to share next. Did you have an idea that all plot/pieces on land in India are categorized as agricultural land by default? If you are in the market for a new plot, then verify that the government has de-listed that particular plot to be used for other purposes like construction.

Sale Deed:

Once you have reached an agreement with the seller/owner of the property, procure your sale deed by applying for the same at the sub registrars’ office. It is a legal document and proves that upon successful completion of all the required paperwork and payment, you’ll be the actual owner of the land.

Resale Value:

It’s always good to be prepared for the future. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, land rates are sky-rocketing on a daily basis. To get the best value for your piece of land, if and when you decide to sell it in the future, it would be a good idea to have a basic understanding of the nearby localities and the upcoming facilities in that region. You wouldn’t want to invest in a piece of land that doesn’t get you maximum resale value in the future, would you?

Civic Amenities:

If you planning to get a piece of land in the outskirts of a city, or in other words, a spot that is still undergoing transformation, make it a point to check if all the basic civic amenities like water, electricity, roads, etc. are in place. If the seller claims that all these aspects are in the pipeline, it is your duty to check with the local authorities to verify the claim.

If you have the basics covered, then owning a piece of land in India is not that difficult. For many, the lack of understanding of the basic procedures to acquire a piece of land is what makes them fall prey to illegal deals. Follow this land buying checklist and you should face no issues whatsoever in your journey to becoming a property owner.


Importance of Property Insurance

I am pretty sure that in a country like India, hardly anyone even thinks about the importance of property insurance. Many are occupied in their journey to own a home, and by the time it becomes a reality most are left with hardly any amount to even think about insuring their home. In this article on the importance of property/home insurance, I’ll try and share with you a few factors that can help you go the extra mile and invest in a good property insurance package.


Property Insurance is mainly two-fold – Structural and contents insurance. The structural coverage deals with issues or damage to the structural side of your home and the contents part take care of damages that may arise to your household items like a refrigerator, television, washing machine, furniture set, etc. If you are a homeowner or even a tenant, both these policies can help you get a lot of peace of mind. For example, Natural Calamities cannot be predicted, any structural damage arising due to a natural disaster will be covered by your insurance policy; saving you a lot of money which would have otherwise come from your pocket.

Likewise, insuring the household items is again important as it gives your protection in case of a burglary and items being stolen. The disclaimer here is that you may not be eligible for coverage if the house has been unoccupied for over a period of 30 days or in the case of items that were stolen by the maid you have employed.


The simple answer to this question is that it depends on the property insurance service provider. The key here is to understand that the amount is calculated differently for structural insurance and contents insurance. Structural insurance policies are derived mainly by considering the cost of rebuilding the house and contents insurance is calculated based on the future depreciation value of the item under cover.


Having mentioned the importance of property insurance, let’s now look at the factors you should consider before applying for one. Property insurance providers have diverse sets of rules and regulations. The important factor for homeowners to consider would be the time taken to settle the claim in terms of an emergency. Search for providers who are flexible in this regard. The value of the overall coverage will be determined by the service provider after you share all the relevant documents relating to the property in question. The simple logic here is to find a service provider that takes less of your money in terms of yearly premiums and gives you the maximum coverage. The ‘value for money’ concept applies here as well.


If you are a homeowner, then starting looking for a good property insurance provider now. Do not wait, as one small damage to the structure of your house can result in a huge amount being spent to repair it. Buying a home can definitely be a dream come true for many, insuring your property on the hand ensures that the dream doesn’t turn into an unforeseen nightmare.


How to Buy a House on a Budget

Buying a house, for many, is going to be the biggest investment of their lifetime. The entire process begins with the understanding of your need to own a home. The need many depend on many factors, but the key aspect to ensure is that you do not overshoot your budget. Many of us, keep asking the question – How To Buy A House On A Budget? Yes, the word ‘Budget’ is a very subjective matter. But, if you cannot manage your expenses when it comes to buying a house, you could end up having what is called the ‘Buyers’ Remorse.’

How to Buy a House on a Budget

In this blog, I would like to focus on a few factors that help to stick with your budget and possibly answer the age old question of How to Buy a House On A Budget.

Identify your requirements and be ready to make compromises

Buying a house often means making a lot of compromises in your overall expenses. A prospective home buyer should identify his/her requirements based on the budget at hand. In today’s day and age, it is not possible to even think about a house in a metro or other important cities owing to the skyrocketing real estate rates. Look at places a bit away from the core of the city, where rates are still manageable. Many states have all-round connectivity and a bit of travel should be considered as a hassle. Compromise on factors that are not important to you at the present moment like a garage space or an extra bedroom. It will make a world of difference in your journey to find a home on a budget.

Try and be flexible

Owing a home using involves taking a bank loan and paying it off over a period of many years. It’s a stressful baggage to have. If you are open to the idea of renting out a part of your house, then it will ensure that you get a steady income in the form of rent. You can add this amount to the dues owed to the bank on a monthly basis. Many find this idea as absurd or even are unwilling to think about it. However, for me, it’s a great option to ease a bit of pressure in terms of repayment.

Wait Till The Time Is Right

Do not think that it would be ideal to just apply for a bank loan and buy a house. You may get a loan, but the amount can get too much to deal with. Work on your down payment. Start saving at least a year in advance before buying a house. Try and give a substantial amount, again subjective, towards down payment. This will ensure that your borrowings are limited to a manageable scale.

Look For Already Owned Properties

Buying a house on a budget often means looking at previously owned apartments or villa. Don’t let your ego get in the way and force you to look at new homes. A bit a research and you’ll be able to find decent homes that meet your budget requirements. Yes, looking at previously owned homes means that you’ll have to undertake a few repair works. Look at what needs to be done, if the amount required to repair the issues are not significant then go for it. Ensure that the repair works are manageable and that you do not end up owning a money pit.

Avoid Entering Bidding Wars

Be willing to walk away from a house that you have shortlisted if you find yourself in a bidding war with another prospective home buyer. Stick to your budget and don not go overboard. It may cause you a bit of grief in losing out on the home of your choice. But be rest assured that it’s not worth taking the extra financial pressure. Look for other options, be patient and continue your search.

Sticking to the above points will help you to stick to your budget when looking for a home. Hope this blog on ‘Checklist To Buy A house On A Budget’ was of help.


Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist

More often than not, real estate developers aim to lure young individuals to invest in their properties by providing all sorts of modern amenities like fitness center, Jacuzzi in the restroom and many others. However, many real estate developers today are aiming at developing properties for senior citizens who intend on purchasing a home after retired life or a couple of years before retirement.

Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist

This blog titled, Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist lists out a few points that senior citizens must look for prior to purchasing a home.


For senior citizens, it is vital to keep in mind the budget criteria before investing money in buying a house. Financial institutions provide loans when one has a consistent circulation of revenue, however, for senior citizens, they are mainly depended on a pension plan. Only look at properties that you can manage financially. You shouldn’t be taking extra financial burdens to invest in a retirement home. Look for homes that are affordable and has all the quality aspects in check.

Dimensions of the property

Look for small to medium sized properties. There are many real estate developers who provide great value for money options for their medium sized properties. If you are ultra-rich and can afford to buy a luxurious house and employ people to ensure its overall maintenance, then go for it. If not, it would be wise to invest in a medium sized home so that it is a manageable proposition for you in terms of its upkeep.


Some home builders give bar doors at the entryway as well as support handles throughout halls and also washrooms to reduce the mishaps that take place. Keep in mind such aspects to ensure that accidents do not happen.


Travelling can be a hassle. For senior citizens, it would be ideal to invest in a property that is in close proximity to vital healthcare institutions and other important facilities that can be accessed easily for everyday purposes.


While walking is good for health, it may not be apt for senior citizens that don't have elevators or lifts in their apartment. Make sure that you only invest in an apartment project if it has elevators/lifts to assist you. This should be stressed even further for those individuals who suffer from certain heart ailments or other health issues.

Dedicated Open Spaces

As senior citizens spend most of their time indoors, it would be a refreshing experience to step out and socialize in dedicated open spaces that are part of the overall community. If you have sufficient budget at your disposal, then look for community living projects that provide such a feature.

Serene Locale

Youngsters can handle the hustle and bustle of a city. The same cannot be said for senior citizens. If you are looking to invest in a retirement home, then make sure that you choose an area that is a bit away from the city and located at a pristine and pollution free environment. It would further assist you in having the peace of mind that you are looking for by owning a home.

Hope this blog on Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist was of help. If you are looking to invest in unique and affordable retirement home properties in Palakkad, then click here to contact our representatives.


Why Choose Palakkad As Your Next Home Destination

Palakkad, often referred to as the Gateway to God’s Own Country, is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats. This quaint city has the right mix of urbanization and greenery. The growing demand for quality housing in Kerala has seen investors and real estate developers looking for exquisite locales to develop their properties for attracting potential customers, and the latest spot that has captured their attention is Palakkad. There are some unique villas for sale in Palakkad that you should look into.

If you are in the market to buy a new home and are not bound by any specific location, then investing in the picturesque expanse of Palakkad can be the right option for you. Here are a few factors as to why you should choose Palakkad to be your next home destination.

Great Value For Money 

Compared to cities like Kochi and Trivandrum, Palakkad offers a great value for money proposition in terms of real estate properties. The city has only recently garnered the attention of major real estate developers and the rates at which the abodes are being sold are comparatively low. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the houses is being compromised. The rates are low because the land and other associated costs remains realistic till date, as compared to other major cities.

Great Job Opportunities and Education Hubs

 Along with the development of major real estate projects, Palakkad is slowly transforming into a business hub with many conglomerates investing in office spaces. This has opened up a huge requirement in terms of resources. There is always a chance that you could land your next big job in Palakkad along with your dream home. Palakkad is also known for some of the most renowned educational institutions in the state, providing a great platform for higher education in varied fields.

Cultural Significance and Modernity

Unlike many cities in Kerala, Palakkad is still one of the only places which has the right balance of culture and modernity. There are a variety of places to visit in Palakkad that are of historical significance, such as the Palakkad Fort and Killikkurussimangalam -the birth place of Kunchan Nambiar. The city also boasts of various other tourist destinations like Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Kalpathy Temple, Tipu Sultan Fort, etc.

Resale Value

 As the real estate sector in Palakkad is undergoing rapid transformation in the form of many projects being developed at prime locations, investing in a project right now is sure to provide you considerable returns if and when you eventually decide to sell it. So make you move and invest in homes for sale in Palakkad.

Top villas for sale in Palakkad 

The city of Palakkad, owing to its distinct climatic conditions and nature-filled surroundings, has seen a range of interesting and affordable projects being developed. Victoria Realtors, one of the pioneers in guiding the transformation of the real estate sector in Palakkad has developed abodes that are based on the philosophy of luxury at an affordable cost. The team at Victoria Realtors has set a benchmark for others to follow with state-of-the-art quality and stringent European safety standard protocols. Here are a few villas for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors:


As mentioned before, if you are in the market to invest in a new home and are not bound by the constraints of location, then Palakkad is the best option for you. If you would like to receive more information on the villas for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors, feel free to reach out to our representatives here.


New Home Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers

In India, the concept of inspecting a home before purchasing it is often overlooked.Buying a home is a ‘dream come true’ occasion for an individual. But, one must not take the aspect of home inspection or property inspection lightly. You do not want to end up with an abode that is having issues, especially when you have invested your hard earned money in owning it. This new home inspection checklist is a must-follow for all the prospective home buyers out there.

New Home Inspection Checklist:

  • 1. Avail The Services Of A Certified Home Inspector
  • 2. Check For Cracks – Interior and Exterior
  • 3. Check For Leakages
  • 4. Check The Plumbing
  • 5. Check The Water Supply

Let’s talk a bit more about each factor to be followed in the new home inspection checklist.

Avail The Services Of A Certified Home Inspector

New Home Inspection Checklist - Avail The Services Of A Certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors are your best option to get a detailed report on the status of the house that you are looking to invest in. They have expertise in all the major areas that need to be looked into. There will an expense involved with availing the services of a certified inspector. If you are willing to overlook that, then it is the best option available as all the work will be done by them. In short, you’ll be able to get a professional feedback and is hassle-free. However, if you would like to get your hand dirty and do the inspection yourself then follow the remaining factors mentions in this new home inspection checklist.

Check For Cracks

New Home Inspection Checklist - Check For Cracks

Making it a point to thoroughly inspect each wall, both interior and exterior, to see if there are any cracks developing. If you find any, then it may be because of two issues– structural distress or a finishing issue. Make sure to get a clear picture of how the cracks have developed. The latter issue can be fixed without much trouble and is often not a deal breaker. But stay away, if the cracks are due to structural distress.

Check for leakages

New Home Inspection Checklist - Check for leakages

If you are looking at an independent villa, then leaks coming from the roof can be easily fixed. It’s not a major issue. However, if you are looking to invest in an apartment, then fixing the water seepage may be difficult. Leakage from the flat above you may seep through the walls, and over time will leave an ugly mark.

Check the Plumbing

New Home Inspection Checklist - Check the Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the major factors to check before deciding on a house. Make sure that you get the details of all the aspects related to plumbing like the pipes uses and drainage system. Check for leaks at all the joints and shut off valves. Make it to a point to also inspect the pipe materials used for water supply.

Water supply and Pressure

New Home Inspection Checklist - Water supply and Pressure

The supply of water is another key factor that needs to be looked into. Check if the water pressure in the home you are looking to own is optimum and would serve all the needs of daily living. Usually, a few upgrades would fix the issues related to water pressure. But, if the problem lies with the water authority in the area and/or due to the geographical location of the spot, then there is nothing much you could do. So make it a point to thoroughly inspect the available water supply system.

Investing in a home is a big step to take for an individual. Make sure that you follow the above mentioned new home inspection checklist to minimize or negate the shortcomings beforehand. Thanks for reading



In India, the number of Solar powered homes are slowly but steadily increasing. The use of solar power gained prominence due to the growing concerns of climate change along with the ever increasing energy costs. The use of solar energy to power homes in India is vital as the country is devoid of an efficient power management system with many areas still lacking electricity.

Typically, a solar powered home will have Photovoltaic Panels installed on the roof at an angle to absorb maximum sunlight. The system comprises of mainly four units – The panels, a controller to regulate the flow of electricity, batteries to store energy for later use and an inverter to convert DC to AC power. Using solar energy reduces your energy bills significantly and also lowers the Carbon footprint generated from your property.

If you are in the market to install an efficient solar power system, then there are certain factors to take into account:


FREE ENGERY – The most positive aspect of installing a solar unit is that that energy generated is totally free. There are no bills to be paid as you’ll be making use of natural resources to generate energy. The initial costs involved in setting up a solar unit is still a bit on the higher side in India, but in the long run, it will make a significant difference to the money being spent on metered electricity from state-run suppliers.

CLEAN ENERGY – As the source for generating energy is natural, there are no harmful emissions coming out of the whole process, significantly reducing the overall Carbon footprint.

SUBSIDY FROM GOVERNMENT – The Govt. of India has initiated a subsidy plan to promote the use of solar power in residential and commercial spaces. One could reach out to the MNRE and fill out an application form to apply for the subsidy. The only catch here is that you’ll have to avail the services of the government approved provider.

WORKS INDEPENDENTLY – We have all faced random power outages and blackouts. The use of solar energy means that you are not dependent on state providers anymore as you’ll be generating your own electricity by using the installed solar panels.


HIGH INITIAL INVESTMENT – As the concept is still fairly new in India, there is a high initial investment involved with installing a solar unit. An investment of at least 1.5 lakhs is required to power a modern-day home.

EFFICIENCY CANNOT BE GURANTTED – As the main source for generating power is sunlight, the efficiency of the solar unit cannot be guaranteed round the clock. The sun does not shine 24/7, and it gets even worse during monsoon season. Also, the location at which your property is situated plays a vital role as well. If your house is surrounded with tall trees or high-rise structures, the solar unit will not be able to perform optimally.

MAINTAINANCE – Maintaining your solar unit setup is an integral part for it to perform optimally. For this, one has to ensure periodic cleaning of the solar panels as the installation is constantly being exposed to dust. If your area is prone to serve weather conditions, then any damage occurring due to natural causes like a storm or heavy rains will also have to addressed, and they are not cheap.






Solar units are a great option if you are in the market for an alternative source of energy. As mentioned in the article, the initial investment is on the higher side but is going save you money in the longer run. If you are willing to take time for the upkeep of the different components of the solar unit, then it’s a great option for you.



We have all seen countless ‘home for sale’ ads in newspapers and online portals. The journey to buy a house is often always complicated. The same can happen when one is planning to sell their house as well. In this blog, we focus on seven ways to efficiently and quickly dispose of your property.


A good first impression goes a long way in sealing a deal. Most often, a decision is made depending on the way the house looks from the outside. Make sure that the plot in which the property is situated is clean. Ensure that all the maintenance work like exterior walls and the door are painted and kept polished. Make sure that all the lighting fixtures outside are working. All these needs to be done as a prospective buyer is looking for a quick move and not take on responsibilities of fixing the house before moving in.

Home For Sale


More often than not, prospective clients are introduced to a home for sale that is left unclean and shabby. This is one of the main issues as to why many deals fall off. Ensure that you take time and thoroughly clean the place or at least spend some money on availing the services of a cleaning crew to ensure that the place looks as good as new. Pay close attention to cleaning the faucets, windows and any inbuilt appliances as well.

Home For Sale


 Ensure that to get a neutral paint scheme all around. Maybe you would have repainted the walls to suits your family’s style. But always keep in mind that the same colour scheme could cut-off the user. It would be wise to stick with safe, neutral colours like whites and tans so that a prospect could later choose to keep it or re-work the colour scheme to his liking.

Home For Sale


Imagine yourself in the role of a prospect and think about all the factors you would take into account when looking for a home for sale. One among them is definitely going to be the space factor. Keep each room well-organized so that the prospect can get a true feel of each room and how he would be able to fit in his things. If you have a lot of storage space, then make sure that you inform the prospects about each of them as it is one of the key aspects of successfully completing a deal.

Home For Sale


A prospect is there to quite literally inspect your house and to figure out if it suits his family. As mentioned before, they are looking to seal a deal and move in as quickly as possible. This can only be possible if all the essentials like plumbing, electrical and other necessary aspects are working in top notch condition. Make a dedicated effort to fix all the existing issues in this regard before posting the ad.

Home For Sale


Bad Odour is a big no-no when it comes to protecting your house as the option for a prospect. This doesn’t mean spraying room fresheners all through the house. Try and get a bit of nature into to your house by means of freshly cut flowers and keep all the windows in the room for that burst of fresh air.

House For Sale


 When it comes to quoting a price, make sure that you are realistic. We all would love to receive extra money but beware of the fact that a prospect, on the other hand, would make a general enquiry about the rates in that particular area. Don’t try to fool the prospect into getting more money. Find a realistic balance and negotiate to ensure that the deal goes through.

House For Sale

If you are in the market to sell your property, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned factors before even considering to post a home for sale ad. Ensure that you do your best to answer all the queries a prospect might have about your property. Have regular follow-ups with all the prospects who have shown interest in buying your property and keep a level of engagement active.



It was in 1934 at the World’s Fair in Chicago that humanity was introduced to the concept of ‘Home of the Future.’ Over the years and many technological advancements later, the world has embraced the concept of home automation in totality. Today, especially in Western countries, the idea of home automation is making strides into the abodes of the common man. Many believe that automation process is costly, and to an extent it’s true. That’s the main reason as to why many stay away. But, one has to understand that home automation, if done right, can help in saving money in the long run.

Let’s look at how this concept works and why you should make small strides into incorporating the same into your abode:

LIGHTING: We all forget to switch off the lights in a room when we step out or before going to sleep. Just imagine a scenario where we could use a mobile device or a tablet to switch off the lights. Wouldn’t that be excellent and highly efficient? The concept of home automation, when it comes to lighting, is so advanced that there are sensors attached to the fixtures to track your movements and shut off the lights if there are no activities registered during a pre-set time. You could also get the color changed/adjusted to suit your mood. All these put together, gets you a highly advanced yet convenient medium to effectively manage the entire lighting infrastructure of your abode.

HVAC SYSTEM: We all desire to live in an optimally conditioned environment. What if you are coming from a long and tiring day at work? Wouldn’t you prefer to enter your abode that is conditioned according to your liking? Home automation can help you with this. You could just take your mobile device, which obviously should be connected to the electronic module in your house, and set to switch-on 10 minutes before your arrival. This could also work in reverse, similar to the concept mentioned for the lighting modules; the HVAC system could automatically shut off if there is no activity in the room.

SECURITY: Home automation has a vital role in providing efficient and high-standard safety protocols for your abode. From state-of-the-art intrusion alert to fire related protective measures, home automation has literally saved lives and prevented robberies world over. Home automation keeps your home secure and safe, and it’s a fact no one can refute. You could also install cameras in difference rooms and remotely access the feed during your travels as well.

CONSTANT MONITORING: Getting a home automation system installed makes your day to day lives much easier. There are sensors available that could be fitted on all the appliances in your home. This facilitates the sharing of important information like for example, the date for changing the filter in the water purifier, filtration panel in the AC and other systems. The automated system could also provide information on the effective performance of all the appliances, thereby keeping you up-to-date on its efficiency. This has a direct result of the utility bills as any appliance not performing optimally could draw more current.

The costs involved with home automation are currently a bit on the higher side. But as every new technology, going forward, these state-of-the-art systems will become more affordable and friendly on your pockets. I strongly advise that you take small steps and start incorporating the concept of home automation into your home by making minimum investments. It will truly make a world of difference, and bring down your utility bills as well.


Renting a House Checklist in 2017

To rent a house is usually a hassle-free process. But there are a few factors one should look into before committing to an agreement. This blog is intended to give you an idea of the factors one should tick off before renting an abode.

Renting a House Checklist 2017

So let's dive into our must follow list before renting a house:

Electricity Meter/ Reading

A prospective client should make sure that the meter readings are up to date and should cross verify the same with the previous bill cycle. Many of the landlords usually fail to pay the electricity bill on time, mainly owing to the fact that they actually do not live in the house. Be sure to get all your concerns addressed by the owner himself. Otherwise, you could be in for a surprise when the next bill is generated.

A prospective client should make sure that the meter readings are up to date and should cross verify the same with the previous bill cycle. Many of the landlords usually fail to pay the electricity bill on time, mainly owing to the fact that they actually do not live in the house. Be sure to get all your concerns addressed by the owner himself. Otherwise, you could be in for a surprise when the next bill is generated.


The owner of the house will almost always have only good things to say about the location his/her house is situated at. It is your duty to speak to other residents to enquire about the location and to ensure that the place is safe and free from any unwanted issues that might affect your day to day living.

Condition of the house

Before deciding on a house, make sure you get a third party professional from within the construction industry to thoroughly inspect the house. Ensure that all the essential factors like wiring, water outlets, pumps and motors are working optimally. You do not want to be moving into a place which has issues as fixing them later could be a painful process.

Lease Agreement

The legal agreement is one the most important document when it comes to renting a house. It’s a binding clause which both the owner and the renter agrees to follow to the core. Make sure that all the aspects of year on year increase in rent, the advance payment and its refund upon vacating are all mentioned properly in the document. Also, be sure to check if the house is under mortgage and that the owner is regular with commitments in terms paying off the EMIs as it has a direct effect on the rental party.

Maintenance Policy & Background Of The Landlord

Most often, it’s the homeowner who deals with fixing any major issues to the house. But be sure to get a guarantee from the landlord that he/she will be fixing the issues as and when they arise as quickly as possible. As is the norm with a landlord enquiring about the background of the tenants, the same should be the case with the paying guest to check the background of the homeowner, nature and support extended to previous tenants if any.


Be sure to avail a good rental insurance scheme to protect yourself from any financial strains in the event the damage caused due to fire, water, electricity, etc.

The factors as mentioned above are a must for prospective tenants to follow before zeroing-in on a house. These aspects, if followed, will make your transition into to your new rental home as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in renting or buying a house please explore our offerings in Palakkad


Must Follow Legal Document Checklist Before Buying A House

It’s always a matter of great pride for an individual to own a house. Many do it by means of acquiring a loan, and a few does it by means of ready cash generated of years of hard work. The fact is that buying a house is not just a matter of deciding on a price and buying it, but to ensure that all the documents are in order before you invest in the same. This blog mainly focuses on the must follow legal document checklist before buying a house that a prospective owner should keep in mind before making the final investment.

Must Follow Document Checklist Before Buying A House

Sale Deed – As part of the Registration Act, a sale deep is one of the most important documents while considering to buy a property, both for the seller and the buyer. The sale of a property is not considered legal if a sale deed is not registered. The buyer should ensure that the seller has cleared all the statutory payments like maintenance, tax, electricity bills, etc. are paid before finalizing the sale deed. The buyer should also ensure that the property has a clear title. All the pages of the sale deed are to be signed by the parties concerned in the presence of two witnesses. All the documents must be presented within four months from the execution date for registration.

Mother Deed – Mother Deed is another important document to possess while transferring or buying a property. A Mother Deed is a document which enables the buyer to trace the ownership of the property in relation to the seller. The seller should be able to validate the factors as to how he got possession of the property and the documents should be arranged in chronological order before submitting to the authorities. In case any of the data is missing from the chronological order then it is mandatory to collect them from the relevant registration office.

Building Approval Plan Certificate - The Building Approval Plan is a mandatory document to possess. The owner of the property must get the building plan registered to with the jurisdictional commissioner or an appointee authorized by the commissioner. This certificate authenticated the footprint and design of the structure and the fact that it follows all the rules and regulations specific to the area. A few supporting documents are needed to get the approval certificate and they are as follows – Title Deed, Property Assessment Extract, Property PID number, City/Panchayat survey sketch, Up-to-date tax receipt, Earlier sanction plans, Drawings of the property, Demand drafts, Foundation certificate and Land use certificate.

Conversion Certificate – If the property falls under an authorized agriculture zone, then it is important for a Conversion Certificate or an NOC to be obtained. This is needed to convert a piece of property meant for agriculture purpose to non-agriculture purpose. The documents required to be submitted are as follows - Copies of the R.T.C extracts, Village map, land sketch, certified copy of the land tribunal, zonal certificate, Title deed, no-dues certificate by village accountant and a copy of the mutation records.

Commencement Certificate – This certificate is provided by the local authorities to builders who would want to start their development in an acquired piece of land. The Commencement Certificate is a green signal for developers to begin construction from the authorities and that their proposal meets all codes set by the administration.

Encumbrance Certificate - This certificate is important as it gives the seller an idea of the baggage in the form of loans or pending taxes that has to be paid for the property in question. The EC is a vital document for the seller as it gives him/her an overall idea about the land is it has a free title or not.

Power of Attorney – The POA document refers to the rights given by the actual owner of the property to another individual to perform the sale or any other transaction that he/she might deem fit. The actual owner has to register the POA with the authorities for the same to be valid.

Tax Receipts - A buyer should ask the seller for up to date receipt for the taxes paid for the land. The buyer should also directly enquire with the local land authorities and cross verify if all the taxes are paid and that the receipts are authentic. Make sure to check any remaining dues like electricity and water bills to ensure that no dues are being charged to the new owner after buying the property.

Completion and Occupancy Certification – The completion certificate literally means that the authorities are happy with the final footprint of the structure and that the builders have followed all the norms to the core and the Occupancy Certificate is give after the final inspection of structure giving the go ahead for the occupants to move in and that the structure is officially legal.

Even if you have all the above-mentioned documents, there are chances that new laws will be introduced from time to time and updates being made to the existing formalities. It is always wise to consult a professional real estate agent or even a lawyer specializing is real estate laws and sanctions to verify all the documents before committing your hard earned money. Hope this blog on the must follow legal document checklist before buying a house was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.


Villa Vs Apartment – Which One To Choose?

To invest in a real estate property requires a lot of planning beforehand. For many, it’s a matter of investing their hard earned money generated over a period of many years. To choose the right investment, be it for a villa or an apartment, requires one to weigh in the pros and cons and the actual need of the hour. Villas and apartments have their own pros and cons. A few of the highlighting features that need to be taken into account before making your decision are as follows: The important aspect


It is a known fact that apartments are a cheaper option when compared to villas. One can easily find a premium apartment at price points much lower than a medium-range villa project  . The important aspect to consider here is that there will be a recurring maintenance cost associated with apartments which is going to be much higher than the amount required for the upkeep of a villa. Owning a villa, even if the initial investment is a little high, has the added advantage of actually owning a piece of land that can be customized to your liking, be it for your personal garden area or even demolishing the house and building a new one in the future.


Location is another key aspect to consider before investing in a apartment project. More often than not, a real estate investment, in a country like India, is mainly intended to bring a family together under one roof. In such cases, to choose an apartment will not be the best option as it can be a bit claustrophobic to live amidst many other occupants. To own a villa is the best option here as provides a better level of privacy. There are many villa projects designed by developers in the country that are in close proximity to important and vital sectors like healthcare, educational institutes and other commercial hubs. It a common misconception that villas projects are mainly being developed in the outskirts of a city. A little bit of research online and you can find state-of-the-art gated communities being built bang in the middle of major cities.


The main advantage of choosing a villa over an apartment is the ability to personalize each element of your abode to your liking. One can choose to completely personalize the outlook of your home the way you like and to reflect your lifestyle. The same cannot be said for a flat in an apartment as the options to personalize are limited to the interiors of the house. Future expansion is what makes a villas project a more rational choice when compared to an apartment. Depending on future needs, one can choose to add more space to a villa by expanding its overall footprint as the land is your own. The only choice with an apartment project is to, quite literally, look at other options.


One has to obviously keep in mind the resale value of your investment as the future is uncertain. Even if a villa costs more than an apartment, the appreciation value of a villa mainly based on the land on which the project is developed keeps going up. This aspect should always be at the back of your mind before investing in a real estate project. An owner can get great value when disposing a villa when compared to an apartment, sometimes twice as much of the initial investment value.


Overall, if the opportunity is there, it is wise to choose a villa over an apartment. The above reasons, among many others, clearly makes investing in a villas project a better choice for new home buyers. Having said all this, one should always keep in mind to not overburden their financial capacities while investing in a real estate project - both for villas and apartments. If you can be flexible and have the financial strength to do so, then investing in a villa is a much better option.

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Located in Palakkad, the village of Kalpathy is known for its rich cultural significance. Known around the globe for its many festivals and unique architectural marvels called the Agraharams, Kalpathy is one of the most preferred tourist destinations down south.Commonly referred to as the Dakshin Kasi or the 'Varanasi of the South, Kalpathy has predominantly been occupied by Tamil Brahmins for centuries. If you are a frequent traveller and is looking for your next travel destination down South, then Kalpathy may just be the right locale to explore as it provides a refreshing ambiance filled with rich heritage.If you are game for it, then we have a few suggestions which could make your experience in Kalpathy even more special.


 Commonly, the houses inhabited by Brahmins in Kalpathy are referred to as Agraharams. These unique looking abodes have an element of architectural ingenuity attached to them. These abodes were conceptualized based on the cultural ethos of the place and can be found lined on either side of a street with common walls. Each settlement of Agraharams are unique in their own way, but a few common factors can be found in all the units. Almost all the units are aligned in the east-west direction and are in close proximity to a temple. The Agraharams are distinct in their own way with many traditional construction materials forming the core part of the design language.Kalpathy agraharam Houses


 Divided into various segments, the Agraharas are colonies inhabited by the Tamil Brahmins. There are four distinctive Agraharas in Kalpathy – Chaaththappuram, Govindarajapuran, Old and New Kalpathy. The colonies are identified mainly based on the temples it accommodates. It’s a great option for travellers to explore as each of the temples in the area are distinctive, and the architecture is in resonance with the principles it portrays. The Agraharas in Kalpathy still falls under the concept of ‘timeless architecture’ as they can still be found in its original state of construction when compared to the many other Agraharams in Kerala that were modified or completely destroyed due to rapid urbanization.Kalpathy agraharam building and settlements


 Locally known as Kundu Kovil, the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple is the ultimate edifice of faith in the region. Located on the banks of the serene Kalpathy river, the temple is the site for the world famous Kalpathy Ratholsavam festival. The temple dates back to the 15th century and is surrounded by many Agraharams.The 10-day annual chariot festival, Kalapathy Ratholsavam, at the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple, is conducted in the month of November and is truly an extravagant atmosphere to be a part of. Over the ten day period, a large procession of chariots from the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple and from the nearby satellite temples fill the streets, making for one of biggest festive processions down south.Kalpathy Ratholsavam in palakkad - Palakkad Kalpathy Temple


If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then a trip to Kalpathy is your best option. The place is filled with an array of options to explore, and a visit to the divine locale of Kalpathy takes your back in time where life was about unity, and the lifestyle was that of simplicity.To know more about Palakkad settlements and houses ,please visit houses in Palakkad


Frustrated With Property Tax? Know How to Deal with High Tax Rates

The fact is that home prices are going down, and at the same time, property taxes are going up. We all wish for roads to be more accessible  and our children to get a better education, but no one wants to pay more taxes than needed, specifically when our neighbours are paying less for a property similar to us.But the good news is that there are ways to efficiently deal with the situation.

Thinking how? Let me help you.

Keep reading to learn few simple tricks that can aid homeowners to be at ease when it’s time to pay the taxes.

Limit Curb Appeal

When it comes to the actual evaluation process, tax assessors should follow a strict set of guidelines. Conversely, the assessment contains a definite amount of subjectivity. That means more attractive and elegant homes often receive a higher assessed value than homes that are less appealing.

Remember, during the evaluation process, your dwelling is fundamentally compared to your neighbour’s home. If possible, don’t make any improvements or alterations to the house such as an addition of counter tops, basement finishing, kitchen extension, etc.until the evaluation is finished.

Check Out Similar Homes

This doesn’t mean that you should interview your neighbours. Property tax bills are public info and can be accessed online in many jurisdictions. Make sure you compare the property with others in the same tax classification which cover similar age and size. This helps you to know how your local government determines the taxes to be paid towards the home property. Some jurisdiction takes into account 100% of market value and others only a fractional amount i.e. 60%. So, check each home for assessments and plan accordingly when it’s time to pay the taxes.

Be Good with the Assessor

Every house owner might think that assessors are shadowy figures trying to make a dent in their account to generate more money in the form of taxes. But that’s wrong. They do what they have to. Keep in mind that inflating the property values too high doesn’t benefit anyone. However, it overvalues the market. Make sure, you talk nicely with the assessor during an interaction with them. A lot of assessments are done without actually checking the property, but when they request a walkthrough, be there and explain everything lucidly.

Check the Deadline

There are no set dates for assessments to take place, it occurs unexpectedly. But the onus is on you to make it hassle free by determining when yours will be. By doing this, it will be much easier to lodge petitions or catch errors, if any, early on.

We agree that it is hard to balance the desire for an elegant property with the desire to pay as little property tax as possible. But following few things and holding up on improvements till your house is due to be evaluated can help you lower the amount to be paid towards property taxes.



Buying a Home? Then You Must Not Miss These Questions!

Buying a house is a psychosomatic game of poker, with vast enticements to bluff, very extreme stakes and more. However, real estate agents are legally assured, to tell the truth, so you must ask the right questions to find out the real answers. Although the answers may scare you and make you reconsider your bid, they also make you feel more confident.A list of What, Why, and Where questions are given below. Now it is your turn to go through the following questions. As you prepare for your home buying process, you should ask these questions to your real estate agent.Here we Go!

Question #1 - What is the Market Worth of the Property You Choose?

For some ethical reasons, your agents can’t tell you the exact price but they will arm you with plenty of comparables including the prices of similar nearby homes that they have been sold currently. He/she might also inform you about the percentage of asking price and how long the homes are staying on the market.

Question #2What is the Condition of the Home?

Though listed as the second one, this is the primary question that should be asked. You have all the rights to know about the condition of the home which you are going to buy. This question will help not only to determine whether it is a worthy property but also help you choose a realistic offer.You can also include few questions under this or You can call it as few sub questions!
  • How old is the roof? By knowing this, you’ll be able to determine its longevity.
  • Does the house have insulation? Insulated walls increase the value of the house.
  • What type of foundations does the home have? New homes have slab foundations but raised the foundations allow access underneath the house making plumbing and electrical repairs less expensive and more accessible.

Question #3 - What Should I Pay for along with the Home Price?

There can be situations where you are okay with all the criteria, but the price!The high price can be because of some additional features. If the home price exceeds your allocated budget, confirm your agent about the high price. Ask about its uniqueness, advanced features, fixtures and fittings and much more. Make sure you inspect everything that you are getting.

Question #4Why the Owner is selling his/her house?

You should not avoid this question as this will help you understand the problems associated with the property if any. It may include a noisy neighbor, paranormal activities, relocating to another city or in need of money.

Question #5Where is the Seller’s Disclosure?

Even if you are appealed towards the beauty of any home, don’t be in love with it. A home is just a house at first and there are plenty of factors out there. Ask your agent for any seller disclosure before you sign the agreement.These questions can be kept as a reference. Apart from these five questions, you must ask whatever is disturbing you about the home. Knowing everything about your home gives you a leg up on surprises and gives you a complete satisfaction with your new dwelling.    


The Best Time to Buy or Build a House!


When is the best time of the year to buy or build a home? Time is always a prime concern before we take any decisions. Particularly, while taking decisions that are close to our life we always go for the right time.

Owning a home is a person's long cherished dream. Hence, will have a great importance to the time which he make it. Analytically speaking, on the basis of time and date, there is a season of the year that gives home buyers/builders the edge.

I’ll give you a chance to guess which time is best for buying a home? Keep it in your mind and let’s see whether you are right. Before that I can tell you some factors that determines the best time to buy or build a house.

Here are the Factors to Decide the Right Time for a Purchase

  • Your personal situations. You should check your capability of managing a mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities etc… to ensure that you are ready for everything.
  • You should not ignore the buyer’s market where there are more houses for sale that might give you a lot of choices to choose from. This may signify that it’s the best time to buy a home.Sellers on this time offers more competitive pricing that clearly shows that you will make your investment a worthy one.
  • Economic factors including inflation, market conditions and cost of living affects interest rates. Interest rates will affect your monthly payment. When rates are low, you will pay less and vice versa.
  • Depends on the rental market! Rents are a troubling story for renters but an encouraging one for home buyers/builders. When rents are skyrocketing, you should begin your new rental policy.
  • Never buy or build a home based on your future income. If you base the amount of building or buying a home you buy on future revenue, set up a romantic dinner with your bank statements and credit cards as you’ll end with a long-lasting relationship with them.

The best day of the year to buy a home is during Diwali and Christmas!

Have you guessed correctly?

Buying a home on or near any celebrations is a smart move. Why so??

  • People will be in good moods, in the mood of celebrations, enjoying with family, expecting gifts and looking to invest on some good things.
  • As people will look for new investments, chances are there for multiple offers.
  • Home prices typically drop low during festivals.
  • People have a superstitious thinking of getting more benefits throughout the year, if they buy a home during Festival Seasons.

But are holidays the only good time to make your big purchase? Think? According to me, apart from holidays, you must also look into few factors to decide the time of buying/building a home.

Still sitting on your fence and wondering whether to buy a home or not, you must seek help of builders in your locality. They will explain you about the rising rents, low interest rates, mortgage insurance and more.


Confused Whether to Buy a New Home or Remodel Your Existing Old Home? Get Answers!


On a cost per square foot basis, remodeling may burn your pocket. But the decision should not be based only on construction cost, your personal needs, local zoning laws, the age of your existing homes and social reasons may influence your verdict.

Before reaching a decision to innovate your old home, check the following points to see whether you are on the track!

Answers for Your Query – Read Carefully!!

If you are thinking, Is building your home affordable than renovating your old one, then the answer is simple – because building a residence from the ground up, you begin with a lucid slate to build on. You can plan everything in advance i.e. firstly the foundations are dug and poured. Secondly, walls are framed and finally doors, windows, sheathing, roofing, plumbing, wiring and much more are installed.

On the other hand, when you go for renovation, the builder is enforced to work in an existing structure which needs removal of walls, replacement of windows and doors if needed, closing the old openings on both exterior and interior etc… Moreover, the existing home problems such as cracks, drywall, poor plumbing, and wiring make the whole process a nightmare. Builders are forced to compromise to connect the old and new addition together. And when the whole remodeling project is completed, you have to live in a dwelling where you don’t really know what’s inside the wall. With a home renovation, you can only count on expensive surprises.

In addition, preferring remodeling gives you a chance to lack the benefits of latest technologies. Yes, you can have a new home with latest technological addition and trendy designs which are very rare to be added in an old home. You can’t able to enjoy a perfect get-together backyard, a BBQ area and a friendly firehouse in your old renovated home. Even though you try to have all those while remodeling, you’ve to spend lots of your hard earned money.

You should only go with a house remodeling when you love your neighbors -When you have an emotional attachment to your home, the value of your home is very low and when planning to make your home green!

And, you should go with a new home when the costs of remodeling your home will outperform its resale value, when building lots are available in your neighborhood and when you are looking for a change that can’t be added to your current home.

After grabbing all these knowledge, you must agree that the whole house remodeling is almost always far more expensive than constructing a new home, the cost of your home is only a part of the equation.



Buying a House Checklist! Things to consider When Buying a House

It is common riddle for all of us to make purchase decisions. Especially, while making such huge decisions like that of buying a housing, no wonder how much we think and think!.There will be a slideshow of different aspects that we have to take into account before buying a home. However, if you are able to sort out important considerations before making a purchase, it is definitely going to help you to make right selection.So how do you choose the right investment? What are the basic qualifiers you need to check before you finalize the investment decision? I think now I can help you with buying a house checklist!

 Location or Accessibility

A property located at a prime location will cost more and yield even more within a short span of time. That appreciates the value of your real estate investment. Proper roads that lead to your apartment or house are a must for safety as well as accessibility. If you choose to invest in a low lying area which does not have a wide road or some remote location property to invest, the value will depreciate since it can be a threat to the safety and basic facilities.

Builder Reputation or the Brand Name 

Since you are planning to invest in a constructed or being constructed property, it is important to invest on a reputed brand if you want to appreciate the value. Brands always matter since they will not compromise on the quality of construction and the basic amenities and facilities provided that they provide as a standard to all their constructions. A good brand may cost a little more than the other builders but they will definitely fetch you better returns as far as the real estate value is concerned. 

Apartment or Villa 

It is a common dilemma most of the investors face! Apartments will have a lot of common facilities and amenities and will be quite secure too. Those who prefer to socialize will find the apartments more affordable and a better place to get settled. If you are buying it as an investment, they cost less and can easily fetch you good tenants than a villa.

buying a house checklist - apartment

Villas are generally much expensive than apartments. You will find it difficult to get tenants for a villa, though you can get good resale value for a well-maintained one.

buying a house checklist - villa

Gated Community Villa or Independent House 

Gated community villas have a lot of advantages over the usual independent houses. The gated community villascome with all the common facilities and amenities of apartments plus they offer the privacy that the apartments fail to offer. Independent houses lack these amenities and facilities which make them less desirable.

buying a house checklist - gated community villa


Delayed Project

Construction delays have become very common these days and these depreciate the value of the investment in many ways. We invest considering getting the property in hand in a particular year and when it delays beyond one or two years, the reputation, our ROI, and the resale value all are equally affected by the delay. It may also affect the structure of the apartment which is open to many years of climatic changes. So it is always better to inquire about the property you plan to invest on and avoid the ones that were delayed beyond normal.

Customized Construction

 While customized constructions are not promoted by reputed brands, some new construction companies allow that to get a customer. But such constructions may not be as good and the company may compromise on the quality of construction to maintain their margins. So it is better to avoid major customization.

buying a house checklist - customized construction

Poor Maintenance 

Irrespective of how well the property is located or the brand name connected with it, if it is poorly maintained, the value is bound to depreciate. This happens with many NRI's who either rent the property they buy or leave it locked without maintaining it. Some new builders also do not maintain the property well even if they are bound to do it as per their contract. This depreciates the value considerably.

Age of the Constructed Property 

Properties that are more than 10 years old fetch very little resale value. As it gets even older, the value recedes further. So when you are planning for a real estate investment, make sure you buy newer constructions or those below 5 to 6 years old.

Facilities & Amenities 

Whether it is a gated community villa or an apartment, the basic facilities and amenities offered can influence its value and appreciation. Apartments with elevators, modern security systems, play area, recreational space and other facilities fetch better value than those without these facilities. In fact, people are very reluctant to invest in apartments without elevators since it is very inconvenient.

buying a house checklist - facilities and amenities


A balanced decision between affordability & accessibility 

We have seen that accessibility can affect the real estate property value and hence, it is important to invest in a property that is easily accessible. The most desirable investment is one which is located in or nearer to a good residential area, one which has convenience stores, school and medical facilities nearby.

Affordability matters too!

If you end up investing in a property which is not affordable, after the few initial months of struggle, you may not be able to pay up the EMIs and hence will get into trouble very soon. You may have to take further loans which will only increase your debts and you will end up losing money and the property. You can either invest in a property you can afford for the time being or then as you progress in your life, consider buying a bigger or better property at a later stage.

Another option is to stay invested in other safer investments such as shares or banks till you can afford the real estate property and then make the investment.

Heyy! You are almost done! Now you can easily go for your Dream Avenue!

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Why Live a Rented House , when you can Buy it?

A very common dilemma faced by a majority of salaried people in India! Compared to rural areas, it is a grave concern in cities due to the unending living expenses. If you are a working professional and are expecting transfers every couple of years, then investing can be a little difficult as you have to consider paying for your house rent also apart from the housing loan EMI since you may not be living there. There’s also the EMI and the interest you have to pay until the time you get the booked apartment or house in a living condition, after which you can give it on rent in the case you are not going to live there.

Many people, particularly in India, are emotionally attached to owning a house. It is a matter of pride and prestige to own a house, no matter how much you earn and how much it costs. Here, in India, people get settled only when they have their own home! It definitely is gratifying, to own a house, in any part of the world. You can always go back there at the end of the day, no matter what happens to your work or career. But is that as rewarding as people think it is? .Here’s an account of the pros and cons of buying a house and living in a rented one.

The Leased Life

The first point to clarify is leasing a home is much cheaper than renting one. Though I use the word interchangeably, I basically aim to mean living in a house which is not owned by you and where you have to pay the rent or lease whichever the case may be. So, living in a rented house comes with its own comforts and difficulties. It’s all in one’s mind, people may say! But we all live to satisfy our mind only, and hence, what it thinks matters a lot too.

Rented House - Leased Life

 Let’s check the main issues faced by those living in a rented house.
  • Keep shifting if the owner wants you to move.
  • There’s nothing ‘yours’ in the house where you are staying. So you have to be extra careful handling the furniture to fixtures. Moreover, if you have your own furniture, you have to fit it in somehow in the different types of houses you get to stay on rent!
  • If it is an apartment, you are only second-hand citizen there! More than often, the tenants are treated ignorantly only in the apartment societies.
  • You have to wait for approval for doing any major repair! Sometimes, you may have to bear the charges too if it is essential to you even though you will benefit from it only so long as you stay there.
  • Rentals have to be renewed and are hiked every year even though the apartment and the facilities remain the same. More than often, the tenants staying in the cities pay almost as much as the housing EMI as the rent and they don’t even own the apartment.
  • You have limited rights in the apartment society you live in since most of the society’s rules benefit the owners only.

The Owned Life

One major aspect of owning an apartment or house is the mental satisfaction and the security it gives to the owner and the family. Nothing in the world would matter, as long as you own a house. But here again, you have to choose between a villa and an apartment, a firsthand house and a second-hand house, whether to take a loan or buy it out of your investments and the list goes on! Owning a house or apartment definitely comes with some advantages.

Owned House - Owned Life

 So let’s see some of the advantages associated with owning a house:
  • It is truly gratifying to own a house. An own house means more freedom, and better security for most of the people.
  • It improves your status in the society.
  • You get tax benefit on the housing loan.
  • If you are staying in your own house, you can invest the monthly rental as your EMI and you will have the house all yours within a matter of some years.
  • You can remodel, renovate and refurnish it anytime in any way you want.
  • As an owner, you will benefit more from the apartment society
  • It is an investment, though not as liquid. You can sell or lease it later when you are in need of money


If you can afford a house, consider its value, the amount of interest you will be paying over the 20 years and also what kind of tax benefit you get out of it and the alternatives you have, before making the buying decision. Many times, we tend to heed to the emotional instincts rather than the practical ones and end up investing in a house which burns a hole in our pocket. If you have enough liquid savings, can afford the EMIs and are emotionally attached to owning a house just go ahead to buy one. Last but not the least one more point I want to put forth is that, if you are spending the same amount which you give as rent on EMI, then after some years you will be an owner of your dream home. All the money you pay as rent will be futile as the years pass by. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to sleep in your own house no matter how small it is!

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Buying a resale flat? Are they the best? Check out this Checklist

Buying a resale flat has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.But considering the advantages, sometimes I feel we can forego some of the disadvantages and get a property on resale. For the seller, it is a resale and he will sell it to whoever pays him more. But as far as you are concerned, you are probably buying it for staying there. So you need to be cautious about the condition of the property. Generally, people resale flats or apartments that have completed construction and are at least 2 to 5 years old. Though there are advantages and disadvantages to this, you can use the advantages to your benefit and consider whether or not to buy it. Some of the major points to consider before buying a resale flat are:

Age of the Apartment or House

Though most of the apartment owners put their investment property for resale after 2 to 5 years of purchasing it, people who are selling their home may be doing it after 5 to 10 years. Ideally, if you can afford it, buy an apartment or house on resale within 2 to 5 years range. Never buy an apartment which is more than 10 years old. You may find it difficult to resell it after a few years. Moreover, after 7 to 8 years, the wear and tear will start showing up and a lot of maintenance will be required.

buying a resale flat checklist - age of the apartment or house

Verify the Construction

As far as a resale property is concerned, the construction would be over and mostly it will be a used apartment. So you know what you are investing in. This is a big advantage when you consider the risks associated with just-launched or half-built fresh properties you would normally invest on. You can see the construction and make sure it is good quality and appeal to your interests. In case you are looking for an individual house, it will be better to get a civil engineer to check on the construction quality.

Buying a resale flat checklist - verifying the construction


Builder's Reputation

Builder’s reputation matters since it will affect the resale value when you plan to sell it. Moreover, reputed builders will ensure a minimum standard of construction which will keep the house or apartment good for living at least for 10 to 15 years.

buying a resale flat checklist - builders reputation


Check the Association Rules

Check the rules and regulations of the Association in the case of apartments and gated villas. If you will not be able to cope up with those, there’s no point going further. Some associations have ‘No Pets’ rule and some others have a ‘No Smoking’ rule! So ask for a copy of the association’s rules and regulations before committing the buy.

Know your Neighbours

If you are planning to buy an apartment, check with a couple of neighbours on the association, maintenance, and the neighbourhood. Look around the premises and check whether the exteriors look good and are well maintained. Check for the amenities and facilities as you are paying for that too. Try to have a casual talk with a couple of neighbours to know whether they are like-minded people and whether the building is well maintained. Skip it if you are not ok with both.

Buying a resale flat checklist - know your neighbours


Verify the legality of Title Documents

Get a copy of the title documents and verify them with a lawyer. Getting an expert legal opinion is a must when investing a huge amount. If you plan to buy it on a bank loan, the bank will verify it with a couple of legal advisors in their panel. Check whether the property is kept on lien somewhere or else you will have to take the additional liability.

Eligibility of property for Loan 

If you plan to take a house loan to buy the property, make sure the property is eligible for a loan. You can take copies of the property documents and ask the bank to verify its eligibility. Properties built by reputed builders would normally be eligible for bank loans. That’s another advantage of brands!

Buying a resale flat checklist - Eligibility of the property for loan


Check if the owner owes any dues to the Association before buying a resale flat

This is important or else, you will have to pay up for someone else! You can also ask for copies of last paid electricity, maintenance, water bills etc. and verify them for dues.

Compare the cost

Compare the cost of buying a resale flat against that of a new apartment in the locality. If you can buy a new apartment for another 5 lakhs more, it will be better to go for a new apartment. Property value will not appreciate much after its first resale, whereas for a brand new apartment or house, the resale value will enhance a lot depending on the location and brand.

Buying a resale flat checklist - comparing the cost of houses


Furnished Apartments

Used furniture and equipment do not have much value at all. Consider the quality of the furniture and fixtures like the doors, windows, grills, cabinets, sanitary ware etc. These need to be of good quality or else you may regret the buy sooner than later.

buying a resale flat checklist - furnished resale flats or not


Consider the stamp duty, registration charges and cost of other formalities.

Registration charges for a completed apartment will be much higher than that of an under-construction building. So be prepared to bear the higher costs. You can check with local agents on the rates for registration, stamp duty, and the associated formalities.


At the end of the day ,you need to think long term while buying a resale flat or a villa and if you somehow find a new apartment which cost slightly higher than the resale apartment then do check it out first before going for a second-hand apartment.

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