Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas


We all love those bedrooms that are shown in movies with a perfect look and comfort that a person needs. "Well.. they are movies, and they've got a team of people who'd help them design these, so forget planning for it." We hear these lines very often, don't we? But wait! Really? Is it so hard to design your bedroom in a beautiful manner? The answer is NO. Not at all! With a little knowledge of bedroom decorating ideas, you can create or rather, re-create the look of your bedroom in a way you'll fall in love with it! Just a little bit of your time and a little bit of creativity is all it needs. Here are some secrets for bedroom decorating ideas that you must try and I'm sure you'll not regret it. So here we go!

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

The basics first!

The colour of your bedspread must be in contrast with the colour of your walls. Don't buy a bedspread whose colour is exactly like that of your wall; this makes your room look dull and dingy. If you manage to find a bedspread that goes with your favourite theme, then it's best for you! With that level of personalization, you'll totally love your room!

Using great DIY ideas to decorate your bedroom isn't hard at all:

There are plenty of easy bedroom decorating DIY ideas which you can look up and try. But one thing you need to take note of is to not go in contrast with your theme. Like suppose, your theme is a western comic show, so then, don't go for DIY ideas in Indian style or vice versa. Too many different themes will make it all look very messy and confusing. Using beautiful woollen weaved wall hangings is also a great idea. If you know knitting, you must really try some DIY ideas and decorate your bedroom in your own favourite way!

Using bedroom decoration images:

You'll find many bedroom decoration images or posters that you can stick to your wall. Select a design that best suits you and pick your favourite one. A lot of people use images of nature or cars to decorate their bedroom. You can also hang your own photo frames in your bedroom. After all, you are the biggest fan of yourself right? So why not give that a try? You may also opt for some bizarre paintings with vague and abstract interpretations. It's a great way to keep you thinking too.

Stars and planets:

If you're a lover of the night sky, you must really try using some glowing stickers of stars and planets on the roof of your bedroom. It flows and shines in the night giving you a delightful night sky experience! This one's also apt for small bedrooms as it creates an illusion of sky which makes you feel that your room is very large! You can also stick them on your side walls.

These were some simple bedroom decorating ideas. In order to master bedroom decorating ideas, you must just let your creativity flow! If you're good at painting, time to grab those painting brushes and give your own "strokes" to your bedroom with bright colours! Just be creative and put in little efforts and you'll create a beautiful bedroom that you'll totally fall in love with!

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