House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Houses for sale in Palakkad From Victoria Realtors


What makes Victoria Realtors different from other real estate developers in the city is the fact that the group specializes in developing homes that are a perfect mix of luxury and affordability. The group, unlike many other real estate developers, also understands the need of the common man and has developed an array of projects at budget friendly rates without compromising on the comfort and convenience that one can only expect from more expensive offerings. European safety protocol standards and Vasthu compliance further add to the core philosophy that the brand follows.

House For Sale In Palakkad From Victoria Realtors:

Nellies Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Nellies Villas

This landmark project from Victoria Realtors is one of the largest gated community villa housing infrastructure projects in Kerala today. Located at Vandithavalam, the Nellies villa offers a host of modern day amenities and is set amidst a serene and pollution free environment. Prospective buyers looking for a house can choose from 2 and 3 BHK units ranging between 900 sq.ft to 1300 sq.ft that are for sale in Palakkad. What makes the Nellies Villa project even more unique is the price at which each house is being offered. Starting from just 15 Lakhs, your dream of owning a villa is all set to become a reality. The Nellies project has transformed the real estate sector in Palakkad and refined the affordable housing concept. With the Nellies housing project, Victoria Realtors have achieved something remarkable – giving prospective buyers a chance to own a house for sale in Palakkad at truly affordable rates.

Shobhanam Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Sobhanam Villas

Located at Kozhinjampara and set amidst a vast expanse of natural greenery, the Sobhanam Villa project is currently in its final stages of completion. This project is apt for those looking for an independent house for sale in Palakkad with a larger footprint when compared to the Green Valley project. Each house for sale in Palakkad, as part of the Sobhanam villa project is priced aggressively and buyers can choose from 2 and 3 BHK variants ranging between 1200 sq.ft and 1500 sq.ft. Starting from just 20 lakhs, the Sobhanam Villas offer a host of modern-day amenities to make your living experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. The contemporary design language of the abodes further adds to the charm of owning this affordable yet signature address in Palakkad.

Thrikkarthikka Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Thrikkarthika Garden Villas

Inspired by the renowned Thrikkarthika festival and comprising of just 35 deluxe villas, the Thrikkarthika Garden Villa project is yet another offering from Victoria Realtors. Located at Kodumbu and just off Yakkara Road, this premium residential gated-community project has independent houses for sale starting from just 20 lakhs. Built to resonate a lifestyle of elegance and comfort, the overall design approach includes a ceremonial pathway leading to a veranda and finally into the carefully crafted interior spaces. This project is a fine reflection of the architectural prowess of the team at Victoria Realtors as it captures the true essence of the city’s cultural and traditional heritage in a built form. A great location, state-of-the art amenities and affordable pricing are just a few of the key highlights of this project.

Saidhaan Aristos Apartments - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Saidhaan Aristos

New age design with attention to detail forms the foundation of the Saidhaan Aristos – Budget friendly apartments in Palakkad. Located in the secure neighbourhood of Kallepully, these apartments for sale in Palakkad have the stamp of one of the most reputed builders in South India, Victoria Realtors. Each house for sale in Palakkad offers excellent cross-ventilation, natural lighting, premium finishes and fittings along with a host of modern-day amenities. Starting from just 24.5 lakhs, the Saidhaan Aristos is one of the most sought-after apartment projects in the city. One of the other unique features of this project is the location. By choosing to own this house in Palakkad, you and your family will be able to enjoy and experience fine living in one of the best and well facilitated stretches in the city.

Pavithram Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Pavithram Villas

At the Pavithram Villa project, you’ll discover a world of luxury and comfort on a budget. From spacious living rooms to kitchen and bedroom, the Pavithram Villas are infused with lavish avant-garde features. Located at Marutharode, these villas are an amalgamation of only a few private homes that are up for sale in Palakkad. Prospective buyers can experience a great ambience surrounded by natural freshness and serenity on a daily basis. The location is another highlight of this newly-launched project from Victoria Realtors. Each low-cost house for sale in Palakkad provides easy and convenient access to all necessary institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals and more. With a starting price of just 25 lakhs, prospective buyers can choose from 2 and 3BHK units ranging between 1100 sq.ft and 1300 sq.ft.

Chaithanya Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Chaithanya Villas

Starting from just 30 lakhs and ranging between 1500 sq.ft and 2000 sq.ft, each independent house in Palakkad at the Chaithanya villa project is aimed at giving residents an affordable experience of luxury living. The project is conveniently located in Kallekad and incorporates a contemporary design language with niche interiors for maximum comfort. Like all other projects from Victoria Realtors, the concept of vasthu shastra is strictly adhered to. It ensures that residents experience a life of happiness and tranquillity at the Chaithanya. The true essence of modern urban living with unparalleled access to a host of world-class amenities awaits you.

All the above projects mentioned in this list are mainly aimed at giving the common man the finest choices when it comes to owning their dream home. Now, let’s look at a few premium independent house for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors.

Pournami Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

Pournami Villas

A serene and tranquil world awaits you at the Pournami Villa project from Victoria Realtors. Situated in the secure and posh neighbourhood of Chandranagar, the newly-launched Pournami Villa projects offers an expansive living ambience infused with a host of world-class amenities. The interior spaces are flush with the most modern fittings and materials. A delightful combination of vast open spaces and walkways further adds to the charm of living at the Pournami villa housing infrastructure project. A dedicated water supply system in the form of 5 open wells ensures that residents have access to plenty of fresh water all-round the year. If you are in search of a premium house for sale in Palakkad, then opting for a villa at the Pournami is your best option. Starting from 40 lakhs, prospective buyers can choose from unit sizes ranging between 1500 sq.ft and 2500 sq.ft.

Greens Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Greens Villa Project

With just 11 villas for sale, the Greens from Victoria Realtors is an upscale living destination for prospective buyers looking for a house in Ottapalam. Priced at 45 lakhs, the ultra-premium villas are infused with a host of world-class amenities and features with an overall living expanse of 2025 sq.ft. The Greens offer a lavish lifestyle with an exemplary combination of extravagant space and tasteful design. Nestled in the heart of Ottapalam town, the Greens provides its residents with a true feel of luxury and privacy. The project is festooned with an array of amenities that goes beyond one’s imagination. Some of the other standard features and facilities include 24 hr security, an open-source water supply system, parking slot for two premium cars and more.

Discovery Villas - House for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors

The Discovery Villas

One of the most recent additions to the expanding portfolio of projects from Victoria Realtors is the Discovery – A unique range of ultra-luxury villas in Palakkad. Each house in Palakkad at the Discovery is tailored for the discerning few and comprises of villas with an overall footprint 2500 sq.ft, priced at 65 lakhs. To own this fabulous architectural masterpiece is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The majestic exterior and the use of the finest quality materials and interior fixtures provides the residents with an experience fit for the royalty. Each villa is a signature address in itself and is ideal for the homeowner looking for the perfect home in the most prestigious location in Palakkad, Chandranagar. We invite you onboard to experience the pure joy of unparalleled luxury and uncompromised convenience.

Now, let’s look at a few benefits of buying a house in Palakkad:

  • Economy

As is the case with any other state in Kerala, the economy of Palakkad is transforming. A recent survey has shown that the city has progressed from the age-old traditions based on caste and land to the one that is based on employment, trade, education, commerce and industry. This transformation has given impetus to prospective buyers looking for a house in Palakkad. There are many industries, both large and medium scale, which operate across various parts of the city. This has given rise to a rapid influx of workers from various parts of the state and has directly resulted in the construction of more villas and apartments in Palakkad.

  • Transport Facilities
Being one of the most important cities in Kerala, Palakkad has an excellent transport network comprising of two railway stations, namely Palakkad Town railway station and Palakkad Junction railway station along with an excellent road transport system. One has easy access to other important and neighbouring cities and also to neighbouring states. 

  • Education

With a literacy rate of 88.49%, Palakkad is one of the forerunners in terms of providing quality education, along with the fact that the city houses a host of renowned schools and colleges. This criterion is one of the most important when it comes to buying a house in Palakkad. Prospective buyers can guarantee an excellent quality of education for their children. Further to the overall scale at which the education system operates, the DIET in Anakkara takes consistent measures for uplifting the quality of education and teaching on a regular basis.

  • Tourist attractions
Palakkad is a city that has a strong relationship with nature. Owning a house in Palakkad is sure to give you and your family a fine experience of exploring some of the best tourist spots in South India. Now, who wouldn’t love to own a house in Palakkad amidst an array of exciting and culture-rich tourist destinations right? Some of the more prominent places to visit in Palakkad include the Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha Garden Dam, Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nelliyampathi, Dhoni, Kanjirapuzha Dam and Kottayi among many others. 

  • Affordability

Palakkad, as a city, is developing on a grand scale. Many real estate companies are investing heavily in projects to cater to the housing needs of the people in the city. If you’re looking at buying a house in Palakkad or an opportunity to expand your investment portfolio, then the right time to look at options would be now. The rates are still on the lower side when compared to other important cities like Cochin and Trivandrum. Owning a property in Palakkad is sure to get you a great appreciation value in just a few years’ time.

Feel free to reach us for more information regarding our projects. Avail exclusive benefits and personalized home loans. Make the right choice. Invest with Victoria Realtors and realize your dream of owning a home today.

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