kitchen renovation ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Cooking is an art! And serving your cooked food is fun! Today, let's look at a few options to spice-up the look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen renovation costs you very less unless you're planning to change the entire set up or basic chimney set ups. So let's get started with some really cool kitchen renovation ideas!

Attractive glasses for your storage cupboards:

The storage cupboards that you use to store creaks, pulses and other groceries can have really cool glasswares which will make your kitchen appear all the more attractive! The newest trend being the tile effect glasses that looks like a collection of varied broken tiles. It's bright and colourful and it'll add full of life to your kitchen!

Using bar chairs:

If you've observed chairs in the bar especially the ones near the bar counter, you'll know that they rotate a full 360 degrees. If you have a slab for storing your food, you can shift them to another space and use this little space as a dining table. Here, you can use the tall rotatable bar chairs to make it appealing! Use bright coloured chairs for best effects and choose a colour that’s in contrast with your kitchen walls.

Copper utensils:

Copper is the new trend these days. A bunch of copper-ware including copper plates, copper mugs, copper glasses and copper plates will make your kitchen look retro! Even if you don't plan on consuming food using these plates, you can choose to hang them from the ceiling and voila! You've got a cool retro look to your old kitchen!

Use that extra space on the shelf to create a fruit rack:

Yes! What could be more enticing than a rack which is made exclusively to store in fresh fruits and vegetables? These fruit and vegetable rack come in different shapes, usually found in the shape of a fruit itself! A bright fruit rack of apple with wooden shelves in between to store your fruits! Isn't that totally amazing?

Using large see-through glasses:

There are many variants of glass cupboards in which you can store spices like cinnamon, cloves, black pepper etc in glass jars. They come in various forms and shapes as well. This is totally cool and can be considered as one of the best small kitchen renovation ideas!

These were some simple kitchen renovation ideas to bring a new look and feel to your kitchen! Pick some of your favorite ones and spice-up the look and feel of your kitchen.

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